Since Attack of the Giants, manga and anime franchises related to fighting giant creatures have increased. This is the case, for example, with Giant Beasts of Ars. And then there is world trigger

The latter was released in 2013 and since that year it has been successful and has attracted a solid group of fans around it. But they come bad newsboth for the manga and, regrettably, for the human condition of author Daisuke Ashihara.

And it is also recently the case of Shingeno who stopped MF Ghost due to illness. On the other hand, it is known that in Japan people take their work very seriously, even for social pressure and there's no shortage of well-known cases like the issues surrounding Berserk and Hunter x Hunter.

So, in the next edition of Jump SQ World, Trigger will not be there, it will be announced by the franchise's official Twitter account. The release would have been on December 2nd, but will be postponed to 2023, more precisely to January 4th. The tweet present at the bottom of the news includes an apology, but there's nothing specific about it between the lines Complaints from Ashihara except that 'There are bad physical conditions'. This is the fourth outage for World Trigger in 2022.

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