Wonder woman seems to have taken a different turn after the events in the first volume were told by Mariko Tamaki and Mikel Janin. In fact, according to her signatures in number 760 of the magazine, the Princess of Themyscira has to grapple with her present condition and face a historical enemy of the Amazon.

The tape begins with the cliffhanger that completed the previous one a surprising personal conversation between Diana and Maxwell Lord on Stryker's Island. Diana thinks that Lord is planning something bad and meets with Etta Candy again, from whom she receives new, important information about "hallucinations" that are scattered across the country and seem to have nothing to do with each other.

After dinner at Emma's house, Diana returns to her apartment and goes to sleep. We will be transported immediately to three particularly violent and frenetic sequenceswhere Wonder Woman must rescue innocents from a wrecking ball to fend off a giant robot approaching their bed.

The third scene instead shows us Wonder Woman embroiled in an intense confrontation with the Parademons. The superhero is woken up by Etta's voice and then realize that he attacked soldiers. An awareness that affects both the protagonist and the reader and strengthens the hypothesis that Maxwell Lord may have taken control of his subconscious. At the end of the page you will find the final table of the volume.

We remind you that Wonder Woman will soon receive an unpublished character and that Panini Comics has released the first edition of the series with a cover by Milo Manara.

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