Kohei Horikoshi faces the expected war between heroes and villains in an arc that could Graduate My Hero Academia as we know it now. We don’t yet know if this saga will end with the victory of the heroes and the beginning of a new adventure or the victory of the criminals, things are still in balance.

Let’s wait for chapter 281 of My Hero Academia and analyze the events in the final chapter, the 280. On Weekly Shonen Jump the story was published with the conclusion – probably only temporarily – of the clash with Gigantomachia. The young heroes of the Yuei have carried out their plan, which should at least slow down the union between the giant and his new master.

On the other side a Tomura Shigaraki is on his knees probably defeated by Endeavor and the other heroes around. However, the leader of the villains apparently has rust-proof ideals and he turns to the burning hero before him by mentioning how the heroes hurt their families. If on the one hand the reading is about what happened to the Shimura family, on the other hand you can also read a subtle reference to the family situation of Endeavor which is certainly not rosy. If this last aspect were deepened, this could also be revealed Shigaraki knows Dabi’s true identity, with theories that have been around for some time that he is Todoroki’s firstborn.

Do you think Shigaraki will reveal this situation to us in the next chapter of My Hero Academia?

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