Miracle egg priority is one of the most interesting titles of the current anime season. Made by Studio Cloverworks, just like Darling in the FRANXX, the series became the talk of the town because of the excellent tech sector that keeps captivating more and more fans.

But not everything that glitters is gold. In fact, the series has been stepped into the Eye of the Storm by a section of the public outraged by a dialogue within episode 4 of the character, a girl who is misunderstood because of the way she dresses for a boy. The latter walk past the protagonists and wonder why there is a boy near them, since only girls should be present.

So one opens Dialogue between the protagonist and Accawhere the latter’s reaction sparked nervousness in the community:

“Yes. Boy and girl suicides mean different things. Men are goal-oriented while women are emotion-oriented. Women are impulsive and can easily be influenced by other people’s voices. However, you shouldn’t worry about gender.“”

With this explanation the two girls Rika is Neiruwould have answered each with a “Do not discriminate!” It is a “Thing?“. The director of Wonder Egg Priority, Shin Wakabayashihad to intervene to wipe out the matter with a Twitter on Twitter:

“I feel a little insecure because we’re still on the air and I don’t want to add a lot of production brackets, but I’m making an exception. I was going to, after the” what? “By adding another line of dialogue, girls and boys are exactly the same.” However, I thought the message could only be expressed with facial expressions, so I cut it out. “

However, do you think that this criticism is too exaggerated? Let us know with a comment below.

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