The advertising cards of the Pokémon They tend to attract numerous collectors, who are aware of the value these types of cards assume over time and do everything possible to get as many copies as possible before the price goes up. It did so with the recent collaboration with McDonald's.

There are cards worth several thousand dollars, just think of the famous Pikachi illustrator. Most cards that have real value are so-called "promotional cards" that are made available on the occasion of certain events. In order to get even one of these promos, some fans have no qualms about committing scams.

Anyway, recently the world of Pokémon met McDonald's again in a collaboration where buying one Happy Meal You are entitled to one of the special cards in question. This has caused an excitement among people who have mobilized the popular fast food to buy even happier meals at the same time for reasons of collection. The tickets inevitably sell out quickly and are already extremely rare. Many parents have complained about the incident, accusing the two companies of not allowing the children to get the toys on the famous menu. In other cases, however, the community was angry with the people who boasted of their Happy Meal shopping spree and pointed out the waste of food. The Pokémon Company He has already announced that he will massively reprint the papers in question in order to answer the question as soon as possible.

And you, what do you think of this unpleasant situation? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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