Will Netflix and the overseas market help animation studios?

The animation industry is facing a rather complicated phase, which is at times made worse by Covid-19. Still, what becomes clear from the producer's words from Kemono friendsInternational intervention within the sector has started to increase liquidity for animation studios.

Yoshitada Fukuhara, a famous Japanese producer, had debated last year the amount an animation studio would need to produce an episode of an anime that was quantified in about 15 million yen for a 12-series series. Bets. So with a quick sum, it's easy to keep track of the total cost of any anime series - 12 episodes at a time - on average about one and a half million euros.

Recently, however, Fukuhara updated the data by noting how the advent of the overseas market, including Netflix and the future arrival of Sony has raised the average by an additional 5 million yen for a new sum of $ 160,000 per episode. It is therefore the result of the will of foreign investors trying to get hold of the greatest studios in order to harness the talent of the best creators to create high profile series, increase sales and maximize profits.

At the expense of this are the smaller studios, which hardly receive specific copyrights or can only compete in negotiations with larger companies. Because of this, the producer eventually added that it is likely that the studios will focus on internal copyrights, as TOEI Animation (Digimon, Dragon Ball) is already doing, or on original titles.

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