At midnight on October 10, Tokyo made its television debut, Bleach: The Millennial War. However, a few hours after the official release, the anime series seems to have slipped off the radar. Why Bleach: Thousand Year War isn't in the Disney+ catalog yet?

When it comes to the distribution of the anime HULU in the United States of America, in Europe it is Disney +, Bleach: The Millennial War to publish. But during the American and Japanese viewers have already enjoyed the first episode Nothing is known about the final narrative arc of the anime, about the European broadcast.

A few days after the premiere, the The first episode of Bleach: The Millennial War has not yet been released on the Disney+ streaming service schedule. What's going on and why isn't the anime online yet?

Everything is quiet at the moment. Disney hasn't issued any official releases yet and on social media, fans of the Tite Kubo series are revolting. At this point we can of course assume that the anime will not be broadcast simultaneously. But when will the first episode be released? As of this writing, Bleach: Millennial War is expected to release a week after it originally aired on Disney+. It's just speculation, however, and until the streaming-on-demand service communicates, that's the case It's impossible to know when we'll officially witness Ichigo Kurosaki's return.

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