Boruto: Naruto the next generations it not only allowed us to return to the ninja world created by Masashi Kishimoto, but also to meet many new, young protagonists. Among these, one of the most important is Kawaki, around whom the whole story revolves.

Kawaki's debut takes place from the very first chapter when it's in initial flash forward We see him confront Boruto in a leafy village that has now been razed to the ground. As he says himself, the Seventh Hokage is no longer among them and the age of the shinobi is at an end. Therefore, these phrases led readers to believe that Kawaki was the story's antagonist, which later turned out to be untrue. But then who is kawaki in boruto?

Kawaki's actual debut doesn't take place until theArch of Ao, as Team Konohamaru goes to a hijacked airship and finds him passed out nearby. Proving to be very hostile at first, he displays his incredible skills against Garo, an Outsider member of the Kara Organization, and Konoha's ninja are forced to imprison him to keep him safe within the village walls. However, Boruto immediately recognizes that something special connects and unites him: too Kawaki has a Karma symbol on one palm.

After various vicissitudes, Kawaki finally lets herself go and becomes the apprentice of the Seventh Hokage, who trains him in ninjutsu. So let's find out his story. Kawaki was just a child when he was kidnapped by Jigen, the shadowy leader of the Kara Organization. Victim of horrifying experiments that transform him into a hand imbued with scientific ninja technology, it is the key to realizing the criminal group's purpose. Therefore, it is sought by Jigen himself.

The reason why Kawaki is so coveted by Jigen is precisely because of karma. Kawaki is Isshiki Otsutsuki's next shipthe celestial being who came to earth with Kaguya and hides in Jigen's dying body.

After a long fight in which Naruto loses Kurama and Sasuke the Rinnegan, he is right Kawaki to end Isshiki. However, the curse of karma did not stop, as later the scientist Amado will provide him with a new copy. Currently, in the Boruto anime, Kawaki is employed at Ninja Academy while in the Boruto manga, he is on a mission with Team 7.

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