One of the most ambiguous, mysterious and intriguing characters of bleachingparadoxically, he is not one of the protagonists of Tite Kubo's jewel, but a supporting character. We're talking about Ichigo's Inner Hollow, the one that appeared more than once to defend and took control of the protagonist.

In the meantime, pending the release of the new episodes of Bleach, the community has resumed the analysis of some elements and details that are not yet fully clear. One of them, for example, concerns the identity of Ichigo's Inner Hollow, also known as the nickname Ogihci Shirosaki. The name is just the mirror of the protagonist while the last name is a play on words Kuroin Japanese, means "black" during refereeon the other hand β€œwhite”, a clear reference to the colors that characterize it.

The origins of this hollow are not very clear, but the most likely hypothesis is that it somehow arose several years before the birth of Ichigo as his mother Masaki Kurosaki, collided with a hollow very similar to Ogihci, which was absorbed by the experienced Quincy. It seems that this demonic version never quite went away, which is why it was inherited from his first child along with the Quincy and Shinigami abilities Isshin Shiba.

And you instead, what do you think of this hypothesis, but more importantly what do you think of Ogihci Shirosaki? As usual, please let us know with a comment below.

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