Who is the vice-captain of Luffy’s crew?  Let’s analyze one of the secrets of ONE PIECE

Try to answer the historical question of ONE PIECE Whoever is in command of the Mugiwara in second place has the same value as finding out who is stronger between Gogeta and Vegetto. The differences are minimal, and the real answer lies hidden from the public for obvious reasons. Anyway, here's who we think the vice captain of Luffy's crew is.

As the ONE PIECE epic slowly nears its finale, the Mugiwara hierarchical issue continues to dictate confusion between the secrets and secrets of the franchise, particularly the role of vice-captain. According to most of the fans Luffy's Crew # 2 is Zoroalthough the figure of Sanji.

The swordsman, in fact, even after the same Eiichiro Oda (One Piece Yellow) is the one who believes most in his captain and for whom he would do anything. For his captain, Zoro is ready to face terrible tortures, to take command in his absence and the only one to whom the sensei has granted special privileges. Just think of Sabo's admission of his own Vivecard. The nickname everyone uses to address him is there Bartholomew with the reputation of "Vice Captain" and even there Urouge and from the men of Bege who speak of him as Luffy's first officer in chapter 499.

In any case, many references from the official magazines of ONE PIECE and from the manga itself seem to reserve an outstanding place for Zoro within the Mugiwara hierarchy, which actually seems to make him number 2 in command. . Unfortunately, for marketing reasons, the confirmation will be too late, but the details seem to be sufficient to draw conclusions. Who do you think is really the Vice-Captain of the Straw Hat Crew? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this with a comment below.

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