In recent years, fans of ONE PIECE have begun to wonder who will be the last member of the Mugiwara, the eleventh pirate to join the Straw Hat crew. The answer finally seems to have come with the new chapter, but let's try to understand each other better.

ONE PIECE Chapter 1051 was clear: a new shogunate has begun in Wanothat of Momonosuke after that Defeat of Kaido by Luffy. But it wasn't the episode's only twist since Eiichiro dedicated a few tables to Oda Yamato in which he announces to some members of the Mugiwara his intention to join them.

Yamato will become the 11th member of the Mugiwara. In any case, it is necessary to add one last important element, namely that Luffy has the final say in the matter. The captain is actually passed out and resting after the fatal battle that made him the protagonist of an incredible victory against the Emperor, so we'll have to wait for his awakening to be absolutely sure. In any case, for several weeks now, readers had begun to anticipate Yamato's role within the crew, which actually bypassed Carrot in the hierarchies.

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