It is now known that inthe attack of the giantsHajime Isayama's manga turned into an anime thanks to WIT Studio and Studio MAPPA. Then there are nine special creatures with unique powers that can instantly change the tide of battles. We have now seen the nine giants of the attack on Titan in all forms.

In the first phase of the story, we saw all the special giants in one way or another, except for one. This was recently featured in the anime Attack of the Giants and was the last in chronological order. Who is the giant hammer and what are its powers?? Let's find out the story of this particular giant.

Like the other nine giants, the hammer is a descendant of Ymir and its power is passed on from person to person roughly every 13 years. In the versions we've seen so far in Attack of the Giants, he presents himself as a large giant with a red body covered with white skin. There are only two people who have possessed this power throughout history: Lara Tybur and Eren Jaeger.

The Power of the giant hammer consists in the ability to craft objects, especially weapons, with the power of hardening. Its main weapon is the hammer it is named for, but the stamina and endurance cost is high. The Hammer Giant's combat capacity is one of the smallest of the nine giants due to the amount of energy required to craft these objects. Unlike other giants, its owner can summon the giant hammer by detaching itself from the main body, creating a sturdy doll that is connected to a cable that it uses to control the creature.

In episode 4x07 of Attack of the Giants we saw what this giant can do.

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