Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master represents the final farewell to the character Ash Ketchum. As world champion, Biancavilla's trainer has found Misty, Brock and other old comrades and is preparing to make way for Liko and Roy. However, it seems that the story of the two new protagonists will start with a manga sooner than expected.

In the latest edition of choir choir It became known that before the debut of Liko and Roy's adventures on the small screen, the guys will be the protagonists of a special story that will be published in the magazine. The story will a prelude to the journey, and will be helpful in understanding how they replaced Ash Ketchum as the lead. There is currently no release date set, who will take care of the manga, nor how many chapters the new series will consist of.

The chapters in question could prove to be an excellent opportunity to present the region of Paldea or the possible ones parental relationships between Liko, Roy and characters we knew in the past of the series to learn additional details about the ending of Ash's career, or to introduce and expand the narrative in time. What do you expect from the opening manga of the new Pokémon anime? We await your opinion in the comments section.

Finally, we remind you that the first official synopsis of the new Pokémon season has already been published on the web, arriving in 2023, and we leave you the beautiful return of the Squirtle team in Pokémon: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master.

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