I'm waiting to find out what the new story arc is all about Dragon Ball great, arriving December 20, 2022 on MangaPlus, let's analyze one of the most successful antagonists of the new course of work. First appeared in chapter 43 of the manga as a prisoner of the galactic patrol, let's find out Who is Molo?.

About 10 million years before the narrative Here I am, a powerful sorcerer, tried to destroy all life in the seventh universe. This creature was Molo, presented with the appearance of an anthropomorphic ram, and who, after battling the South Kaioshin and the Great Kaioshin, was defeated, magically sealed thanks to one of their techniques, and imprisoned in the Galactic Prison. In the present, Molo manages to break free of the seal and escape from prison, beginning the story arc of Galactic Patrol prisonerwith his quest for the Dragon Balls present on Neo Namek.

Once at his destination, Molo reveals his true powers, absorbing Goku and Vegeta's energy and visibly rejuvenating himself. In the various clashes that characterize this manga saga, Molo takes on forms due to its different nature Ability to absorb the ki of planets and the creatures that inhabit themand even merging his organism with a planet.

For the destruction and death he sows, whether out of sheer malice or to nourish and rejuvenate himself, Molo received the title from Devourer of the Planetsand for this reason it can also be considered as one of the most powerful beings that the protagonists have ever faced in the almost forty-year history of Dragon Ball.

So basically Molo is a wizard born more than ten million years agowith the appearance of an anthropomorphic ram, also called the devourer of planets due to his special ability to absorb the ki of planets and living beings, also receiving the title of prisoner of the galactic at the beginning of the eponymous saga of Dragon Ball Super manga Patrol, as if to emphasize extreme danger.

Finally we leave you with our special dedicated to how Molo is the synthesis of all the villains of Dragon Ball Z and the spoilers of chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super coming soon Tuesday, December 20, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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