The manga of ONE PIECE introduced Yamato last year, Daughter of Kaido and new basic figure in the Onigashima chessboard. The war continued on paper, whereas it only recently broke out in the anime version. Logically, Yamato was also presented in the ONE PIECE anime with and then without a mask.

Her appearance is that of a woman with long white hair that fades into shades of blue, a tall and slim body with very similar proportions to all other ONE PIECE women. The first presentation in the anime more or less followed that of the manga with footage of Yamato is very classic and highlights all the details of the body and dress. Only then did something change.

In one of the last episodes of ONE PIECE, the animators from Toei Animation decided to do it Give Yamato's breasts a decisive "embellishment"which has almost doubled compared to the first presentations. The pictures in the tweets below show the before and after and draw attention to this sudden disproportionate. For the most part, fans on the net did not appreciate this mutation, which seems to want along with other recordings just watch out for Yamato's breaststo stress it unnecessarily. Do you agree with the controversy?

Meanwhile, ONE PIECE saw the challenge of the Nine Red Foders, who have now reached their final destination.

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