Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail adventure has been over for years while other staff members continue the story with the sequel, Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest. There are indeed many secrets of this magical world that have yet to be revealed, and at the center of the split is the mysterious mission that no one has accomplished in a century.

But there are many other things that Hiro Mashima failed to explain in the course of the main manga. One of the secrets of Fairy Tail is the ten holy wizards who more powerful magicians than Fiore and affiliated with the Magic Council. The strength of this is known to everyone and is so great that a single member is able to face many wizards of medium level without much effort. The four strongest are known as "The Four Gods of Ishgar" and have enough strength to shake the earth. A clash between them could even cause disaster.

But Who are the ten holy wizards?? We know few, with Hiro Mashima presenting only eight during the series, some of whom have left their posts or have been ousted for various reasons.

  • God Serena is the strongest wizard. First grade, he left the group to join Alvarez's empire;
  • Draculos HyberionThe second tier is a magician with a vampiric appearance and magic.
  • WolfheimThe third tier is a short man with a long and impatient beard. He knows how to use a magic that enables him to transform into an animal.
  • Warrod SequencesThe fourth rank is the last of the four gods of Ishgar. He looked like a plant and was a member of Fairy Tail in the past.
  • Jura Neekis He is undoubtedly one of the most famous magicians of this group. Reach fifth rank after leaving the Lamia Scale guild and use an earth spell.
  • Another member whose rank is unknown is Makarov Dreyar, leader of the Guild of Fairy Tail several times and able to use magic to increase his size.
  • Siegrain, alter ego of Jellal Fernandeswas one of the first introduced wizards of this group in history.
  • Likewise Jose PorlaThe former leader of the Phantom Lords Guild, an enemy of Fairy Tail, was a member of the Ten Holy Wizards, but he too was expelled from the group.

Who knows if there are any plans for it spawn the rest of the members in Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest. Meanwhile, Hiro Mashima is busy with the new EDENS ZERO project, which has also received an anime.

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