The forced closings imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic have spurred sales of manga, video games and entertainment items like Timeless Pokémon playing cards. However, customers have often let the situation spiral out of control, leading to controversial and extreme cases. This is what happened:

To get very rare packages or new collectibles, some fans are there ready to do anything. The most noticeable cases include reports of scalping or damage to goods. However, one of the worst cases occurred a few days ago in a parking lot at the Target Store, a US company in the wholesale distribution sector.

According to the authorities, several men did attacked a buyer who had just bought some papers, who then drew a gun. Fortunately, the nearby shops were all closed and no one was seriously injured or hit.

At the moment it's not clear what kind of trading cards the man has just bought, but Target has decided to do so for security reasons Stop selling of such articles in the store. "The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority. As a precaution, we have decided to temporarily suspend the sale of MBL, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards in our stores. You can still buy them in our online shop. Shop ", Target reported in a statement.

As we all know, some trading cards have reached stratospheric levels, so unfortunately such acts of violence are not surprising. In order to contain this phenomenon, maybe it is time to drop some mind-boggling prices?

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