It's been almost a year since the reveal of the first trailer for Chainsaw Man. Tatsuki Fujimoto's work is one of the most anticipated in the world of anime and has received a lot of attention from viewers around the world already in manga format. The anime certainly won't be surpassed, however it makes you wait a lot.

With various statements, Studio MAPPA has repeatedly confirmed that Chainsaw Man will be released in 2022. However, as the winter and spring season is now over, time is running out. When is the Chainsaw Man anime coming?? A tweet from Spanku seems to give this away.

That's what the leaker says, who repeatedly gave correct information in advance The anime Chainsaw Man will be released in October 2022. A fair release date that would see Denji and the others make their debut in six months. However, it should be noted that this could be the only Japanese release date. The anime is indeed in the hands of Netflix, and given that the streaming site has a different programming and methodology, the Chainsaw Man episodes could just as easily arrive ahead of time as Jojo's: Stone Ocean was the case while loading 12 episodes when these were all aired in Japan. The latter case would result in Chainsaw Man not debuting in the rest of the world until 2023.

We'll have to wait for confirmation of these rumors as it confirms the amount of attention Chainsaw Man is getting.

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