In the course of the insidious fight with Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto and Kurama probably danced their last tango. At the end of episode 218 of Boruto: Naruto the next generationsIn fact, the Seventh Hokage and the Nine-Tailed Fox say goodbye. Dattebayo, Kurama!

The one staged this week is one of the most traumatic episodes in all of Masashi Kishimoto's work. The author, who has already got us used to witnessing shocking losses, put it End of the duo Naruto x Kurama, to a bond that has lasted since the birth of the blonde ninja of Konoha.

To protect Kawaki and the entire shinobi world from the threat posed by Isshiki Otsutsuki, the Hokage and the Nine-Tailed Fox resorted to their latest card, the Baryon mode. Kurama, who already knew what was going to happen, had "lied" to his carrier forces and stated that by using this new, powerful mode, they would have ended the game. What happened, however, was very different.

At the end of the fight with Isshiki, defeated by a ruse by Kawaki, Naruto fell to the ground without strength. Exhausted, the seventh passed out Meander of his consciousness, a mystical place where the fox was also present.

Here the two talked in a long, moving conversation. Convinced that he was about to die and abandon Boruto, Himawari, and Hinata, Naruto reminded Kurama how deep and sincere the bond with him was.

Initially, Naruto was feared by all Leaf Village as the carrying force of the fox, the monster that had put an end to the life of the Fourth Hokage years earlier and Konoha reduced to rubble. Hatred of being locked up in a child, Kurama tried every possible way to escape and devastate the world. Ultimately, however, he led a unique relationship with Naruto, the only one who calls him by name and regards him as a friend.

Now, years later, the fox has protected the village in every way to sacrifice oneself for the common good. The only one who died on behalf of Baryon Mode is Kurama, who welcomed Naruto with one blow forever at the end of the episode. We leave you a promotional image of Boruto 218 and a comparison of Boruto 217.

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