Dragon Ball Super: Superhero It turned out to be a very unique production in the massive franchise that grew out of the work of Akira Toriyama, both because of different manufacturing choices, such as the use of CGI, and because Gohan and Piccolo were brought back to fill central roles, and with never-before-seen evolutionary stages before. but What is the name of Gohan's new form?

During the manga of Dragon Ball great Now a very specific direction seems to have taken place, only Goku and Vegeta, now fighters with divine power, are progressing in the new film Akira Toriyama and the writers wanted to create a story confined to planet Earth without straying from those confines It was made the entire first part of the franchise was discontinued. The master has thus decided to retrace a path that has already been covered in the past and to place it at the center of everything Gohan and his historical opponent Cell.

The rebirth of the Red Band Army actually led to the creation of an enhanced version of the perfect android by Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gelo, led: cell max. A threat that in the film will force both Gohan and Piccolo to once again push their limits and bring their new transformations to the field. While Piccolo manages to become gigantic and his skin changes color into the shape named Piccolo Orange, Gohan's new form is called Gohan Beastand is characterized by white hair, red eyes, and an imposing blue and magenta aura.

Gohan Beast currently represents the highest level of the Unlocked Potential ability and is therefore considered to be an evolution of Supreme Gohan, form seen in the Majin Buu saga. And what do you think of this new level that the Saiyan has reached? Tell us in the comments.

Did you know that Toriyama originally came up with a different design for Gohan Beast? Finally, we leave you with a fanart depicting Gohan in a truly beastly form.

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