Sasuke Retsuden is one of the most successful Naruto novels, enough to earn a manga adaptation. However, the debut of Naruto: The Story of Sasuke on MangaPlus caused some perplexity among fans. Why does Uchiha travel?

The debut of Sasuke Retsuden's manga adaptation has been enthusiastically received by readers. However, the less experienced may have been confused by the first chapter of the work. The first cartoons of Shingo Kimura's manga show a sick Naruto trying to stop Sasuke from going to the land of Redaku. What kind of evil befalls the Seventh Hokage and where does the Uchiha go?

Naruto's illness appears to have been caused by the Hermit's powers of the Six Paths, which he received during the Fourth Great Ninja War. It has therefore received the Chakras of all nine Cercoteri by Hagoromo Otsutsuki, which caused health problems in the protagonist. As the disease worsens over time, both Kakashi and Sasuke set off in search of a cure.

He has such great power destabilized the chakra in Naruto, who suffers from cramps and balance problems at the beginning of the novel. According to Kurama, Hagoromo was also suffering from the same disease, for which he was able to find a cure during his journey to the land of Redaku. This disease is incurable even for Sakura, and only Sasuke will be able to save his friend by deepening his knowledge of Otsutsuki.

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