The dynamic world of webtoons leaps from page to screen as Taejoon Park and Kim Junghyun's popular series "Viral Hit" (Kenka Dokugaku) gears up for its animated debut. Slated for the Spring-2024 anime season, this South Korean sensation, despite its origins, is blossoming under Japan's animation expertise.

Since its inception on NAVER WEBTOON in November 2019, the series has captivated readers, soaring to the top of the charts. Notably, Taejoon Park is no stranger to success, with “Lookism” also under his belt, another story that made the jump to animation.

Behind the Scenes: The Production Team

  • Masakazu Hishida, known for his work on titles such as Fairy Ranmaru and Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, takes the helm as director at Okuruto Noboru studios.
  • Scriptwriting and supervision fall to Toshiya Oono, whose portfolio includes The Promised Neverland and 86: Eighty Six.
  • Satomi Miyazaki brings characters to life with her design and animation direction, her talents previously showcased in Attack on Titan and My Love Story!!.
  • Complementing the visuals, Yutaka Yamada composes an evocative soundtrack, with credits like Tokyo Ghoul and Vinland Saga to his name.

Plot Synopsis: The Underdog's Tale

Hobin Yoo, a wiry high schooler, unlikely to be pegged as a NewTube fighting sensation, turns the tables with guidance from a cryptic channel. His newfound prowess topples titans, filling his pockets beyond imagination. Yet, the question lingers – can Hobin maintain his winning streak, or is there a challenger on the horizon poised to topple him?

Source: Comic Natalie

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