2020 was an unfortunate year for the film industry, and while the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown are still visible, many studios had no choice but to do so Try your luck by showing your own movies and trying to get the audience back into the room.

In Japan, most projections turned out to be flops and were excluded principle is Next: beyond magic, Warner Bros' and Pixar's two blackbusters, all of the films released in theaters after the coronavirus pandemic outbreak struggled to fit into the budget.

Surprisingly, however, in addition to the two western blockbusters, Three anime films have also made itand even became the only animated film of 2020 to exceed 1 billion yen. The first film is Fate / Stay Night: The Feeling of Heaven III - Spring Song, the final chapter of the Fate film trilogy, the second is Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur, the new film dedicated to the legendary blue cat, and the third is the new film by Violet Evergarden, made by KyoAni and surprisingly released after two postponements.

During his third weekend in the theaters, Violet Evergarden raised another 129 million yento add to the 988 million in the first two weeks. A decline of only 2.5 percentage points meant that Kyoto Animation recently tried to exceed the billion mark with a total of around 800,000 tickets. The film now has sales of 1.117 billion yen in three weeks. this corresponds to around 9 million euros.

This is a first for the franchise and the animators at Kyoto Animation are already celebrating the success of one of their best products of the past decade. It is also possible that the film will stay in theaters longer than expected given the crisis in the cinema sector.

We remind you that Violet Evergarden's film has not yet been released in Italian cinemas, while the OVA is the first feature film in the first season of the anime are currently available in the Netflix Italia catalog.

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