announced some time ago Vinland saga 2 He did little to talk about himself other than a few rumors circulating and some sporadic information from the production. However, the staff continued to work on the project, which is finally ready to show itself in a first trailer.

A few days ago we opened up the possibility of an upcoming Vinland Saga 2 trailer after the team announced news for today, a promise they kept with the release a few minutes ago Clips longer than 2 minutesthe same you can properly appreciate at the top of the news.

In any case, the production was not limited to showing only the trailer and the first promotional poster placed below, but also the release date of the new episodes. Subject to unforeseen events The Vinland Saga sequel will debut in January 2023. We take this opportunity to remind you that Studio WIT will no longer be responsible for the project since the animations have been entrusted to MAPPA (Attack on Titan Final Season). As if that wasn't enough, according to rumors online, Vinland Saga has already been renewed for a third season and maybe even a fourth.

And what do you think of this first trailer, what are your expectations? Let us know with a comment below.

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