The spin-off series started on August 2, 2016 on the pages of Jump GIGA magazine Vigilante: My Hero Academia IllegalsPrequel to the adventures of Izuku Midoriya narrated in the regular series ended today, May 28, 2022 with the release of Chapter 126 titled The Rise of Skycrawler.

Although exclusively overseen by original author Kohei Horikoshi, the series was autographed by Hideuyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court It provided quite an interesting insight for the glimpses into the characters of the Vigilanti and, most importantly, for many references to the past and careers of heroes known in the original work.

The last table, black, with the inscription "Thanks for reading. The story continues in My Hero Academy..." leaves readers sad but aware of Koichi's success. Known as skycrawlerand operating in the United States of America, Koichi was immortalized in an extraordinary color page at the beginning of the chapter, which you can see in the Shonen Jump post at the bottom of the news.

Likewise brass knuckles, Iwao Oguro, was honored with a color page, in a perfect farewell. Do let us know if you read the last chapter and what you think of the Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegals series overall. Finally, we leave you on the mysterious connection between Koichi and All For One.

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