To defeat an army made up of over ten thousand pirates and that includes characters of the caliber of Tobi Roppo, Supernove and Calamità, as well as one of the Emperors, we'll need everyone's great collaboration. That is why the protagonists of ONE PIECE They managed to find important allies between samurai and other pirates.

On the one hand there was Luffy's desire to get involved, on the other hand the courage of Momonosuke, who finally managed to create the clouds of flames. All of this led to the rescue of Onigashima and the defeat of Kaido. ONE PIECE 1050, after a brief interlude dedicated to Vinsmoke, in which Ichiji and Reiju save the two younger brothers, he focuses on the fight after the battle. Yamato catches Luffy falling while some of Kaido's pirates in the castle are still trying to fight.

Yamato blocks and threatens her while in the flower capital, little O-Toko reminisces about a happy moment with her adoptive father. In the meantime Kaido landed under the underwater volcano of Wano along with Big Mom, and just as they find themselves immersed unconscious in the magmatic fluid, a powerful eruption begins. The citizens are even more shocked when Momonosuke appears in the sky and, after the dragon Zunesha has warned that he does not want to open the borders of the Wano just yet, given the official defeat of Kaido, heralds the new era for the island.

Also on the last pages of ONE PIECE 1050 Denjiro and Komurasaki arrive in the Flower Capital to announce the island's new shogun.

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