The terrible battle with number 6 that takes place in the city of Naruhata is drawing to a close. In order to put an end to the threat posed by the monstrous villain, however, one of the protagonists seems ready to make a crazy gesture. In Chapter 111 of Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegals Is it time to say goodbye?

The new appointment with Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court's spin-off work begins with a brief flashback in which readers experience the return of Knuckleduster. Despite his poor physical condition, the vigilante climbs the stairs of a high-rise building; the place where predicts the last attack from number 6 against the ignorant crawler.

Knuckleduster works his plan down to the last detail and decides that the best way to deal with the criminal look is one Close combat. As number 6 prepares to fire his shot, the vigilante hits him with a mighty knuckle sandwich.

Again and again blocked and attacked, the villain tries to react with a shot, which is promptly avoided. After Knuckleduster has passed all his values ​​on to "more deserving people", he finally pulls out a detonator, ready to sacrifice and put an end to the life of number 6. A shooting star that suddenly appeared in the middle of the night closes chapter 111 of Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegals. Did Knuckleduster really play such an extreme act?

We leave you to the new power of The Crawler, born in the wake of the last fight with number 6.

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