The release of Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals has come to an end with the release of Volume 15, but it seems the writers of the prequel spin-off still have something to tell us. L'Illustrator Beds Courtreturns to work on the series and creates a specific artwork depicting one of the most popular protagonists.

After the fight with Number 6, Koichi flies from Vigilante to New York City in Chapter 126, where he finally gets a contract as a career hero. As he begins to make himself known through the US company called Skycrawler, his friends stay in the neighborhood where he grew up. At the end of Vigilante My Hero Academia 126 we witness a shocking return to activity. Knuckleduster finally decided not to retire and continue his adventure as an illegal hero.

L'Artwork by Master Betten Courtwho worked on the work with Hideyuki Furuhashi, portrays Knuckleduster himself. This time, however, he has finally shed his vigilante mask and without his usual garb, we see him in civilian clothes.

In this sketch we observe Iwao Oguro in a rather simple outfit consisting of a tank top that reveals his powerful physique and work cargo pants. Although he is not wearing the mask on his face, he is holding a pickaxe in his hands. iwao, he will not allow his corner of Japan to be threatened by villains.

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