Due to the various breaks of the magazine and the manga cats The Promised Neverland has been on a break for a month. The manga of Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka has reached an important point in the story, which is getting closer and closer to the finale and could end at any moment. With the return of Weekly Shonen Jump, let's see what's in the new chapter.

The Promised Neverland 176 opens with a color page that you can see at the bottom. After many vicissitudes, the children's dream seems to have come true and therefore Emma and Musica, side by side, seem to want to celebrate their goal achieved with a colorful page. But there is also more that awaits the protagonists, as you can see from the other images disclosed about the chapter.

We had stayed at the death of Peter Ratri et al reunion between Emma and Phil. Chapter 176 of The Promised Neverland shows us the meeting between the whole Grace Field group and the little boy, who was alone in the orphanage for almost two years. But despite the apparent victory, the children have yet to cry: one of the demons on the farm does not accept the new situation and tries to attack Emma. The protagonist will come saved by the intervention of mother Isabella which is pierced by the claws of the monster. Did you expect this twist after an almost announced final?

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