The times when a little Goku roamed here and there above his Kinton cloud, or Speedy cloud for fans of Italian dubbing, on Earth in search of the Dragon Spheres seem long gone. Indeed at the moment the Dragon Ball universe has become a Multiverse, which has greatly enlarged Akira Toriyama's setting.

While fans of the manga of Dragon Ball Super I am waiting for the ending of the Molo saga and the beginning of the next, there are those who remember with nostalgia those first moments faced with the Dragon Ball manga. Some historical illustrations shared by Ken Xyro's tweets help us review the most iconic places in the world created by Akira Toriyama.

Let's start from the first tweet that shows us the division of the four fundamental areas of the Earth. It starts with the first image dedicated to the region of the east, the theater of the very first adventures and clearly inspired by China. Here we remember the areas of Monte Padella, the Goku's house and grandfather Gohan as well as the base of the evil Pilaf.

In the next image we pass to the western area, where there is also the Western City where the headquarters of the Capsule Corporation. Outside the city, between plains and more mountainous areas, there are also the Karin obelisk and consequently the Palace of God, as well as the base of the Red Bow that Goku razed to the ground at the end of a fantastic narrative arc.

The third image shows us the northern area of ​​the Earth of Dragon Ball, which was one of the first theaters of the fight between Goku and the Red Bow and where the Muscle Tower is hidden. However, this area was the one where Cell arrived with his time machine decades later. Finally we move on to the southern regions, mostly composed of coastal territories and endless islands. And among these islands there are those of the Kame House and the Tenkaichi Tournament. In addition, the Uranai Baba shrine is also in the area.

We then move on to the second tweet that shows us instead the main universe of Dragon Ball. Faced in the anime of Dragon Ball Z, in the center there is the plane that represents hell and divides the universe into two parts. In the lower section there is what we can define the physical universe, with the various planets such as Earth, Vegeta and Namek. On the other hand there is the afterlife, consisting of the palace of Enma, the serpentone, i Kaioh planets and Heaven.

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