The publishing house Shogakukan she has not been watching the rivals' moves and has recently been wild in the news. After leaking a few days ago that the new manga by Rumiko Takahashi MAO will receive an anime adaptation, he communicated together with the author Uru Okabe that also Good Night World will soon have an anime.

For now, no details have been revealed on the study that will take care of the animated transposition or on the selected cast, but only the news has already sparked the fans who in the near future will be able to attend one of the greatest successes of the online magazine in recent years Ura Sunday. The work is made up of 5 volumes and was published between 2015 and 2017.

The manga tells the story of the four very quarrelsome members of the Akabane family, who find peace only when they isolate themselves from the rest of the world to play an RPG video game called Planet. Thanks to their special abilities, on Planet they have all managed to become big pieces, turning the game world upside down. What is the secret behind their strength? Simple, they do not know their respective identities. As the story progresses, secrets will be revealed about each member of the family, the relationship that the virtual world has with reality and how they are influenced by it.

What do you think of this news, you were already following the manga of Uru Okabe? Pending more news, we remind you that Star Comics has announced the arrival of MAO in Italy.

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