For almost a whole year, the anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations He is busy with a series of original sagas aimed at staying away from the events of the manga. It seems that the Code saga won't appear until 2023 in Boruto, for which Studio Pierrot has produced a new canon anime adventure starring Kawaki and Himawari.

A key visual created by manga illustrator Mikio Ikemoto anticipated Boruto's next story arc. This begins on August 7th and sees the two Uzumaki half-brothers as major protagonists. therefore, the Kawaki couple, Himawari will be back in action soon!

L'Episode 261 of the anime series titled "Kawaki, Ninja Academy Enrollment" will see Isshiki's former ship Enroll in the Ninja Academy and become a classmate of Himawari and his friends. However, this is only a sham as Kawaki is actually busy on a secret mission.

The course of the two Uzumaki is attended by a foreign student who Princess Yukiwari Kae. Kawaki's task is to protect the girl from the attack of some unknown assailants. Reluctant at first, Kawaki is persuaded by the Seventh Hokage, who personally assigned him the job.

No matter how hard you try Kawaki just can't cooperate with others Guys. His everyday school life has many difficulties in store. With the help of teacher Kaka Hana, will he be able to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead?

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