A great adventure comes to an end: The prequel spin-off Vigilante My Hero Academia ends with chapter 126. Here it isvigilante crawler's last farewellPop Step and Knuckleduster to readers waiting for a possible, and not unlikely, animated adaptation.

The last chapter written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court picks up where we left off. A plane crashes in the sky over New York, putting the lives of dozens of innocent passengers in grave danger. To remedy the situation, a bizarre professional hero arrives, whom the Americans have a hard time recognizing. He is Koichi Haimawari, now known as theHero Skycrawler.

Koichi returns the plane to the ground in complete safety and is stormed by reporters still wondering if he really is a hero or an undercover villain after the events of Naruhata. Thanks to Captain celebrity leaderHowever, the popularity of a skycrawler struggling with English language problems suddenly surges.

Koichi has fulfilled his dream, although he still wonders how his parents' lives are going Friends left behind in Japan. As fans mourn the end of Vigiilante My Hero Academia, a quick recap takes us back to all of the work's protagonists, including Kazuo Hanemiya, who has definitely given up the pop-step costume. Finally, in the dark streets of Naruhata, a child is mugged by petty criminals. The heroes are busy with more important things, but fortunately there seems to be another vigilante in circulation. Hidden in the shadows, Knuckleduster is still in business as a vigilante.

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