Vampire in the Garden, new anime from the authors of Attack on Titan

The WIT studio is now known to all anime fans, especially thanks to the adaptation of The Attack of the Giants, manga written by master Hajime Isayama and very successful. The new work of the employees is instead called Vampire in the Garden and will be published on Netflix: under all the details of the new announcement.

We know very little about the WIT studio's new production. The only known information was distributed by Netflix and briefly describes the plot of the TV series.

As the title suggests, this is what the series will focus on Relationship between humans and vampires According to the premises, this report is presented to us in a new light this time. It will be the protagonists, or rather "the" protagonists Momo and Fine, a human and the queen of the vampires whose paths are crossed by fate. The relationship between the two protagonists will determine the future coexistence of two races that long ago managed to accept the mutual presence.

Unfortunately, the announcement published by Netflix saves a lot of details. In fact, we only know the underlying plot, which was accompanied by two images. Even as of the release date, there is no specific news. The only data transmitted by the streaming platform is the series will be released in the course of 2021. It goes without saying that after the excellent work we did with Attack on Titan (here's our recap of the first season of The Attack of the Giants), expectations for this new anime are high.

In anticipation of more information, we would like to remind you that the new Blood of Zeus series is available starting today.

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