Ultraman arrived on Netflix last year with a 3DCG anime and a sequel to the story we know. Despite the fluctuating earnings, the streaming portal product has helped drive production of new dedicated products in both Japan and the rest of the world.

While waiting for the second season of Ultraman to be shown in a trailer, we see the constant arrival of products such as action figures and funko pop in the market for the Japanese hero, but also other types of merchandising. With the arrival of the coronavirus in Japan introduced many anime and manga brands to the US Creation of custom masksThis reinforces a trend that already existed and that the virus only fed.

Ultraman accepts this challenge with the new CCP Ultra Mask, abbreviated as CUM - a smiley face and clearly intended acronym given the English meaning - and which will be available in five versions. As you can see below, there are the types Ultra Q, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack and Kaiser Belial, each with a different and unique print. They can be pre-ordered on the CCP website until August 31st for 1,343 yen (just over 10 euros). Are you going to start yourself with these masks on your face in defense of the weakest?

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