With the fall of a protagonist, the land of Wano seems destined to fall into the treacherous hands of Kaido. The Pirates of the Hundred Beasts excel at all levels of Onigashima, but the pride that Kozuki Oden left behind is still strong. Perhaps the Mugiwara still have a chance ONE PIECE.

Luffy's defeat by Kaido seems to have doomed the entire land of Wano. On all fronts are the pirates of Straw Hat is slowly losing ground. Victory seems to be in the hands of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts.

As Eustass D. Kid prepares for his fight against Big Mom, Chopper faces an unequal fight. Queen and Charlotte Perospero attack Mugiwara in a two-on-one that leaves no way out. The situation for the pirate reindeer is desperate. In another part of Onigashima, Momonosuke suffers from an illness from Bao Huang e His location will be shared with Kaido. In ONE PIECE 1035, Luffy's defeat is also communicated.

However, there seems to be one last hope. While ONE PIECE 1036, of which you can find a preview clip at the end of the article, the new generation of pirates is ready to face the previous one. Luffy is about to return to the battlefield, this time joined by Trafalgar D. Law, Zoro, Kid and Killer. Will they be able to triumph against Kaido and Big Mom? ONE PIECE 1036 airs October 9, 2022 on Crunchyroll.

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