It's not easy to bring down a well-established army. The research that Dr. Garaki has performed over the years with the backing of the mighty All for One, has managed to breathe life into a variety of high-end names. And between these and the villains of Gunga and Jaku, dem My Hero Academia heroes have it tough.

And Dabi's dance, which accompanies a major revelation that the public has been waiting for, is certainly not useful. In fact, we've always wondered who Dabi really was and what connection he had with heroes, he seemed to know better. And so, in My Hero Academia Episode 6x11, in collaboration with Skeptic and a long-prepared plan, he revealed to the whole world that he was the son of Endeavor, the missing eldest son of the Todoroki family.

That my hero academy pendant 6x12 still leaves on this battlefield. The devastation Shigaraki brought to Jaku, now a barren land, is further stirred up by the presence of Gigantomachia and the other villains. But the young and experienced heroes fight to the point of exhaustion. There's Deku, who has both arms broken, but is standing while Best Jeanist uses all of his filaments to hold Gigantomachia captive. Bakugo is also still alive and decides to finally reveal his hero name. But will these efforts be enough to keep the enemies at bay and bring victory to the heroes?

My Hero Academia 6x12 is coming to Crunchyroll next Saturdayon November 17, 2022.

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