Tower of God episode 6 is now available on Crunchyroll, and in conjunction with the release of the new episode, the Italian portal of the site has decided to make a small gift to the fans, by publishing an interview with director Takashi Sano. During the chat, the director discussed the production of the series and the style of the animations.

Sano kicked off the interview by talking about the production and fame of the webtoon, declaring the following: "After the guys from Telecom Animation Film accepted the job, I received a proposal directly from the house and started working as a director. Mine is a job that involves great responsibility, and I mainly worked on storyboards. Tower of God is a product with a very large fan base, especially because it was made in Korea and animated in Japan: we are very careful not to lose sight of the story or the emotions of the original work".

The director then discussed the animations and his work: "Influences? I find the method that Clint Eastwood uses to tell stories very attractive and also his taste for filming. I have worked more than I usually do for the production of this anime, and my past experiences have certainly helped me. As for the animations, we based ourselves on the aesthetics of the original work. I think most fans wanted to see the comic come to life rather than something totally original, so the staff and I were very careful".

And what do you think of it? Are you enjoying the series? Let us know with a comment! You can find the complete interview by clicking on the link available below, while if you have not already done so, do not miss the opportunity to take a look at our in-depth analysis on the Tower of God Tower.

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