Tower of God is about to end and in view of the final episode, scheduled for Wednesday 24 June, Crunchyroll has decided to interview the author SIU, snatching some curiosity about his work and the influences that have influenced its structure.

Speaking of his main inspirations, the author said: "As soon as I started school, my parents weren't very keen on letting me read comics, so I arranged by borrowing some volumes from my classmates. I read several manhwa including Kid Gang, Legend of the Eight Dragon Gods, Diet Go Go, Toy Soldier, is Invincible Ryuhi. As for Japanese works, the ones that had the greatest impact on me were Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Akira and Parasyte. In particular, I remember asking my parents on their knees to buy me a volume of Dragon Ball. I read it from start to finish an infinite number of times, it was pure entertainment".

SIU then spoke of the birth of Tower of God: "Being a Korean male, I had to start military service during the university course. The lever completely exhausted me, but it was there that I started thinking about Tower of God. I drew this picture with a boy at the foot of a tower and thought "It would be nice if he could climb it facing everyone, doing the impossible". That was the basic concept".

Among other curiosities, the author revealed: "I love all my characters, but as a writer, I have to say that I prefer a little more to work with Rak, Khun and Bam. I'm also sorry when people get angry at villains, because I care about them too. As for anime, I am happy with the success of Tower of God, but I have to say that in general I have never followed many. Among all the ones that I liked the most there are certainly The enchanted city of Studio Ghibli and Cowboy Bebop".

SIU concluded by thanking Webtoon fans and declaring that he hopes the anime will continue to be successful. At the bottom is the link that will redirect you to the pages of Crunchyroll, where you can read the interview without cuts in English.

And what do you think of it? Are you following the series? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. In case you didn't know it also, we remind you that the author has recently launched a drawing contest with Crunchyroll, so don't miss the opportunity to take a look at all the information of the case!

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