After a leak, a new visual was released for the animated adaptation of the manga. Ex-Armwhich is written by HiRock and illustrated by Shinya Komi. The series is scheduled to premiere in July. The cast as well as the production team working on the series have yet to be revealed.


The author Shinya Komi began publishing the manga with the story written by HiRock, in the magazine Grand Jump in February 2015 as a remake of his manga EX-VITA. The series moved to the app and website Shonen Jump + in December 2017.

Further, Atarō Kumo wrote the light novel
EX-ARM the Novel Deus Ex Machina, which is the first adaptation to the manga novel. The story of it centers on Shin Kagurazaka, a city that averted a terrorist plot during the Tokyo Olympics.

Ex-Arm Synopsis

2014: Akira Natsume seems to have an almost phobia of electronic devices while being very good at diagnosing them. One day, he decides to change to look better and get a girlfriend just like his older brother did… However, Akira dies suddenly in an accident.

16 years later, a special police and his fellow android retrieve and activate a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence and Super Weapon called EX-ARM and put her in full control of her ship as her last resort. It turns out that AI is actually Akira's mind!

Β© 叀 ε‘³ ζ…Ž 也 ・ HiRock ・ 集 θ‹± η€Ύ / γ‚° ラ ン ド γ‚Έ ャ ン γƒ—


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