A few moments ago Star Comics editions declared that the first volume of the Tower of God will not arrive in Italy in May as announced, but in the course of the following month, June 2021. The publisher hasn't explained the reasons for the delay, but luckily fans don't have to wait long to get their hands on Volume 1.

Tower of God, along with Solo Leveling, is one of the two great South Korean works that Star Comics has acquired. Manhwa and Webtoon are growing rapidly worldwideFortunately, the publisher managed to secure two of the most widely read and appreciated works of recent years in a short space of time.

So in summary Solo Leveling will be out in April, while the first volume of Tower of God will be out in June. At the moment we do not know when each volume will be released and whether or not the Covid will introduce other delays, but the arrival of these two works in Italy remains a big step forward for the comic book market.

By the time Volume 1 is released, we are reminding all readers of the Webtoon that the Tower of God is still suspended and that serialization most likely will not resume until June. L.The SIU author confirmed that he is still bedridden due to health problemsand that the webtoon will resume once its strength is fully restored.

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