Apparently, Sui Ishida really enjoyed colleague Ken Wakui’s work. After the writer of Tokyo Ghoul delighted us with a fantastic portrait of Mikey, he paid tribute to another protagonist of Tokyo Avenger.

Currently working on Choujin X, now in the fifth chapter, available for free on the MangaPlus online platform, On the Ishida inspire fans of the Tokyo Revengers with another masterpiece. Following the same artistic trait of the previous work, the Japanese mangaka has created a wonderful new work of art.

The protagonist of the new illustration by Sui Ishida is Mikey’s second, the deputy commander of Tokyo Manji Gang Draken. Ken Ryuguji was drawn realistically with watercolors and a dreamy style.

This contemporary art masterpiece, well worth being in an art museum, reminds us of the immense qualities of Sui Ishida that floats within Serialization of Choujin X with its unmistakable character.

What do you think of this homage to Ken Wakui’s manga? Would you like an Ishida portrait from Takemichi? Tokyo Revengers’ manga has now exceeded 7 million printed copies. Tokyo Revengers anime adaptation has reached a turning point, here is the sad story of Baji.

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