On the official website of the retail chain Don Quixote A collaboration was announced with the third season of the animated adaptation of Toaru Kagaku not a railgun ((A certain scientific railgun), entitled Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.. The collaboration includes the launch of a wide variety of products inspired by the franchise that will be available in the various branches in Japan from May 22nd.

The set of elements includes:

  • T-shirts of various sizes (three designs) - 2,750 yen (about $ 26).
  • Hoodies with hats of various sizes (three designs) - 4,389 yen (about $ 42).
  • Eco-friendly cloth pouches approximately 64 cm high (three designs) - 2,189 yen (approximately $ 21).
  • Acrylic is approximately 120mm (three designs) - 1,650 yen (about $ 16).
  • Acrylic is approximately 320mm (three designs) - 3,850 yen (about $ 37).

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