To Your Eternity was announced for Italy thanks to Crunchyroll. A few hours ago, the platform had confirmed the arrival of the anime based on the manga of the same name by Yoshitoki Oima for several countries, including our own. This had also led to it Confirm a release in October 2020 with the trailer and a composition of 20 episodes in total.

However, some of this information needs to be deleted due to the news published on the Japanese morning. The broadcaster NHK has actually decided to do so Postpone the release of the first episode of To Your Eternity from October to April 2021. The NHK education channel will therefore not see the 20 episodes of the anime show during this 2020 finale.

The announcement is due to the delay in To Your Eternity's production work over the past few months caused by the coronavirus, which is therefore still affecting animation houses. The six months postponement of To Your Eternity It is certainly a major blow to those waiting to see this work in an animated version. To fill that void, we recommend checking out one of the latest trailers featuring Fushi and the other characters from To Your Eternity.

The story of To Your Eternity focuses on the arrival of an extraterrestrial being on earth, who has to mingle with the population of the earth in search of the meaning of life and death.

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