The third episode of For your eternity does not deny the expectations and continues to give the viewers an infinite amount of emotion. Initolata "A Little Development", this episode continues the adventure of Little March and fights not to meet a sad fate.

Escaped from her captivity and accompanied by the "thing" that took on the appearance of the young protagonist of the first episode, March he enjoys his freedom. After feeding his girlfriend with great affection, the child decides to give him the name Fushi, which means "to be immortal".

Unfortunately, Hayase and the others soon find March, who decides to stop fighting to save the lives of the villagers. Before I go toSacrificial altar, March gives Fushi one last piece of fruit and welcomes him forever.

Meanwhile, Parona, who had been captured by Hayase's men, has one last trick up her sleeve, a small knife with which she tries to free herself from the ropes that keep her tied. Just as she almost managed to cut the rope, a huge bear covered in blood appears in the forest. In a moment the bear demon devours the guards of the girl who manages to break free and run away at the last second.

The scene then goes back to March being put to sleep and taken to the altar where the ritual is organized, which Hayase claims is useless as the demon bear is just a legend. But the warrior is wrong in that regard, the giant monster really exists and is right in front of them ready to tear them to pieces.

When the demon bear is ready to feed in March, Parona bursts onto the scene try to protect them. The beast drives her away with one violent blow, but she has to deal with another arrival immediately: Fushi.

Without any expression, Fushi approaches the bear, who, however, devours the upper part of the body with its huge jaws. However, the boy is immortal and continues to fight without a head. In order to face the demon bear, Fushi is revived turned into Joaan, the white wolf of the first episode. With courage and determination, the wolf manages to exhaust his opponent and to save the little March under the astonished eyes of Hayase and his friends.

When March wakes up in Parona's arms, Hayase makes her a proposal: Either they die on the spot or they follow her to the village of Yanome without protesting. Driven by the dream of growing up, March accepts the proposal. However, the real turning point of the episode occurs when the wolf, still in animal form, approaches the little girl who has not witnessed the fight and does not know that it is actually Fushi who is looking for food. As Fushi devours the fruit, he suddenly opens his mouth and thank the kid, his mother, just as he was taught in the second episode of To Your Eternity.

Loneliness, friendship, tears and a desperate search in the first episode of To Your Eternity.

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