After more than eight years, Iris is finally about to make a comeback Animated Pokémon series. Ash's former travel company, who traveled with him to the Unova region, will play the antagonist this time around.

In the Pokémon Explorations episode 65 preview shared on Twitter by user Anipoke Fandom, Go throws a Poké Ball at a mysterious monster hidden in the shadows. However, this unusual character is actually a Pokémon, but one Ash's old friendIris.

The trainer who set off with the legendary protagonist in the fourth season of the anime arrives celebrated with love by Pikachuwho hadn't met her since Iris decided to return to the Johto region to become a Dragon-type Pokémon master.

But there is no time for parties, this time Iris will oppose Ash's rise in one final challenge to advance to the next stages of the Pokémon World Championship. Pikachu will stay on the bench this time around and across from Iris' Dragonite will be Ash's Dragonite. An exciting challenge between two identical Pokémon that only decides who will determine the best trainer.

In this tough battle between friends There will be no scruplesBoth are determined to enter the Pokémon World Top 100. There's another big return coming in episode 68 of Pokémon Explorations.

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