Any author or aspirant working in journals such as Weekly Shonen Leap must necessarily work with an editor of the editorial team. These characters act as intermediaries between the editor-in-chief and the writers, handling both the marketing and strategies of the individual manga, but also helping with production.

Usually each publisher maintains a small number of authors and even fewer ongoing series in Weekly Shonen Jump and side magazines. But that's not true of one particular editor: Shihei Lin. The name will already be well known to those who follow this world: It is the publisher of very important series like Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, DanDaDan and many others to be released on Shonen Jump+. The digital magazine is becoming more and more important and it is no coincidence that in 2023 the titles will all arrive translated on Manga Plus.

However, as the editor revealed in an interview, Shihei Lin is responsible for following 100 authors. A huge number, to say the least, and that means the fate of Shonen Jump+ is entirely in his hands. As the digital magazine becomes more established in today's manga landscape, its work seems to be effective despite the difficult management of such a large number of mangaka.

And Naruto returns to Jump+ with a spin-off.

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