The protagonists of My hero academia You are faced with the aftermath of the war waged in the latest manga saga. However, despite some tragic realizations, fans were also able to focus on curious and amusing theories. Here is one in particular.

In the latest story, professional heroes collided with the evil union of villains that led to gods devastating results for both parties and for the same company whose story he tells. Numerous losses have struck the defenders of justice, and although even the antagonists have not remained unscathed from the numerous clashes, the power of the latter seems to continue to grow, thanks also to an incredible return on the pages of My Hero Academia.

While the situation isn't the best, readers found a way to laugh and joke at some of the characters on the show. you are the doctors who take care of the wounded heroes. We had already talked about the similarity of one of them that appeared recently in My Hero Academia to the avatar of an MMO. But now it is pointed out that he remembers the same thing Yoshi, the green dinosaur who appears in the video games of the saga of Super Marioand to reiterate the hypothesis that the latter was the inspiration for the author to create the design, there is another doctor with a distinctly similar appearance to that of toad.

The tweet at the bottom of the news allows us to compare the two characters drawn by Horikoshi with Mario's friends and notice theirsincredible resemblance Some fans hope that the video game's protagonist will step onto the scene. What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment.

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