The Terror of The Attack of the Giants 134 with the music of the anime: a fan’s video

There is still a month to go before The Attack of the Giants 4 starts. This is the final season and the production of Studio MAPPA will therefore bring the events of the manga from Volume 22 to the big screen.

However, not all fans can wait to see Chapter 134 of The Attack of the Giants and everyone else in six months or more, and that's why someone has tried a manga movement. It is the fan Levi Ackermanga who, using the Spanish version of the chapter published a few days ago, has prepared an almost ten-minute video in which he combines the cartoons of these pages with the music of the anime produced by Hiroyuki Sawano.

By expertly carving out the faces of the cartoons and characters, he managed to add even more pathos to the violent and raw scenes that Hajime Isayama had drawn in the last story. The fan then manages to continue the entire chapter. from the first table with Historia to the end with the beginning of Eren's last battle. You can watch the video, which has already received over 20,000 views, at the top of the news. How does it affect you when civilians are slaughtered beneath the feet of colossal giants while listening to the slap music prepared for previous seasons of Anime de? The attack of the giants?

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