After only a handful of chapters, the final arc of My Hero Academy it proves intense and exciting. The fight between Shoto and Dabi reinvigorated the ranks of heroes, but gave All For One an opportunity to directly provoke Endeavor. However, one fan theory seems to address aspects of a major weakness in the villain.

Chapter 355 of My Hero Academia featured the sequel to the Comparison between All For One and Hawks, accompanied and assisted by the young heroes Tsukuyomi and Jiro. The advantageous situation, also considering the absence of Endeavour, seems to lean towards All For One, but a rather important detail is the fact that the Quirks rebelled in it one of Kyoka's sonic attacks.

A scene that has amazed many readers, both for the unexpected consequences that the girl's technique had on a villain of All For One caliber and for the possible repercussions of what happened. As we know, the One For All actually contains inside the remains of previous ownersand this could also apply to the All For One and the Stolen Quirks, given the common origins of the two powers.

One theory put forward by the community concerns the possibility that Jiro's scream woke up the entire quirks at All For One, and these could rebel against the villain, causing an internal struggle that would leave him more vulnerable. The role of the heroes-in-training turns out to be more crucial than expected. Tell us what you think of this theory by leaving a comment below.

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